Try Roll Cell Phone for Oppo: Oppo X2021

Jajal HP Gulung Punya Oppo: Oppo X 2021 (Foto: Oppo)

Oppo displayed the first roll screen cellphone in November 2020, named Oppo X2021.

Oppo displayed its first role screen cellphone in November 2020, its name Opposition X 2021. What does the phone look like?

Although already mejeng, Opposition Not able to tell release date Oppo x 2021 Because the company still needs to develop the concept.

Launch Syndonews, Friday (19/3/2021), the Oppo X2021 does not look strong and weak, even though it carries the concept of a roll screen.

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If the user presses the button on the right side of the Oppo X202’s body, the screen will be attracted and open to the side. However, the cellphone cannot be locked if you want to use the button.

The Oppo X2021 features a flexible OLED screen with 2 sizes, with the smallest size being 6.7 inches. While the largest is 7.4 inches.

The presence of a scroll screen gives users an optional screen size; Adjust to their needs.

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