Twitter deleted its ‘fleet’ and users removed them from memes. Technology

  Twitter deleted its 'fleet' and users removed them from memes.  Technology

In the last hours, Twitter phased out its option for ‘Fleets’—a tool similar to Instagram Stories—and the social network’s Internet users, in its purest style, responded with memes.

The platform announced the measure on July 14 through its official account.

“We will decommission the fleet on August 3, (we) are working on some new things. sorry or nothingHe wrote referring to the discrepancy that has arisen among his users.

And he recently confirmed the removal, pointing to Twitter that “if you see a fleet, no, you didn’t.”

according to portal PawnThis decision comes after some users incorporated the tool in their daily lives. However, the figures are unknown.

Their goal, as implemented by Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, was to publish content that would automatically disappear after a certain amount of time.

On Twitter, some said goodbye, pointing out that they never knew of its existence, while there were others who expressed regret at the platform’s determination. There were also those who, in their final hours, decided to share uncensored images of their bodies.

“They snatched my fleet,” complained one tweeter. “Come back!” Another asked, while one user admitted he’s only used them a couple of times. Check out some of the reactions and memes below:

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