Under RTI, ‘these’ citizens get free information, where do they have to apply? | How to get information under Right to Information Act for free through RTI online website

माहिती अधिकारांतर्गत 'या' नागरिकांना विनाशुल्क माहिती मिळते, अर्ज कुठे करावा लागतो?

Information related to RTI can be sought online and offline. RTI Online Application Fee

Right to information fee

Mumbai: The Right to Information Act 2005 came into force. Citizen by Right to Information Act They can ask for information regarding the sections they want. Many people are wondering what to do if they want to get information under the Right to Information Act. Citizens below poverty line can apply for free under Right to Information. Information related to RTI can be sought online and offline. The central and state governments have created separate websites for this. (How to get information under RTI Online Right to Information Act through website)

How much is the RTI application fee?

There is a fee of Rs 20 for requesting information using the online method. Therefore, if the applicant is below the poverty line, they will not have to pay any fee for seeking information. 1) Internet banking 2) ATM-cum-debit card 3) Credit card (Master / Visa) can be used to pay the application fee.

Where to apply online?

If you want to get information about the Central Government Department, then you have to visit the website https://rtionline.gov.in/. If you want to request information about the departments which come under the purview of Maharashtra State Government, you have to visit the website https://rtionline.maharashtra.gov.in/. You can request information of 200 departments online through the Maharashtra State Rights Information website. You have to apply online. The portal can be used for filing an RTI application along with the first appeal under the Right to Information Act. The prescribed fee can be paid online. If you have more information than you requested, you will have to pay an additional fee. You can write your information in 15 words in the column provided in the online application. If you have more text than this, you will have to upload a PDF file.

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How to apply online?

Go to the Maharashtra Government’s Right to Information Act online application port. The website then provides guidelines for using the Right to Information portal. Read and understand it, then click on submit application and accept that you have read the guide. After that you have to choose which section you want to know. After selecting the applicant’s name, email id, mobile number, address, reason for filling the application, whether the applicant is below poverty line, details about the required information should be written in the RTI application form. Then you can submit the application. Then you can get your required information by paying the prescribed fee. However, information falling within the scope of confidentiality is not provided by the government.

Information about which departments on the Maharashtra government portal

Information can be sought from various departments of the Ministry, Police Commissioner Office, Municipal Corporation, Zilla Parishad, Maharashtra Public Service Commission, District Police Office, Tehsil Office etc.

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(How to get free information through Right to Information Act through RTI online website)


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