Underneath the North Sea: Norway covers all of Europe’s CO₂ by 3,000 m . wants to be stored at a depth of

 Underneath the North Sea: Norway covers all of Europe's CO₂ by 3,000 m .  wants to be stored at a depth of

According to Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store, Norway wants to store all the CO₂ produced in Europe. “Without the capture and subsequent storage of greenhouse gas, it would not be possible to achieve climate protection goals,” Store said in Oslo on Monday after a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. As for the rejection of so-called CCS technology in Germany, Store said, he knows the fear in Germany.

But Norway has great experience in storing CO₂ under the North Sea at a depth of 3000 m. In the future, storage facilities could store all greenhouse gases produced in Europe. “We have the experience and we know that’s where it stays. It’s a safe place to store it.” Norway later wants to re-use carbon dioxide as a raw material.

“Impressive Technological Development”

Scholz also supports the project. Germany receives gas from Norway, but wants to return CO₂ in the future. The chancellor avoided the question of whether CCS technology could be used in Germany as well. “There have been major, impressive technological advances in recent years,” Scholz said. He spoke of a fascinating technique. Another type is that the CO₂ produced during industrial production is not released in the first place, but can be used at the production site.

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