Up to 50% off & discount on Mobile Phones & Home Appliances in Saudi Arabia eXtra

Additional Black Friday discounts and offers on mobile in Saudi Arabia

Extra up to 50% off and discount on mobiles and home appliances in Saudi Arabia offers an offer on all types of mobile phones on the occasion of Yellow Friday, and these offers and discounts continue till December 4, and are from mobile Best international brands from Oppo, Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, Realme and many more, and through our next article, we will present to you the most prominent types of phones that are offered by Extras with discounts and offers.

Additional Saudi Offers Today

Xtra offers and discounts on Yellow Friday mobile phones in Saudi Arabia, Xtra is characterized by a large number of features, thanks to which it was able to become one of the most famous stores dealing in the field of electronics sales in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . , and among the devices that Xtra offers to its customers are mobile phones, Xtra offers you mobile phones of international brands, all at reasonable prices for all categories of different categories. Follow us in our next article, the Strongest Offers Tours Available from Extras

additional offers saudi arabia

Vivo phone is one of those phones which has gained popularity in recent times, and many people have bought and dealt with it, and here are the following lines, the most prominent offers available from Xtra on Vivo phone:

  • Vivo Y20, 2021 4G phone, 64 GB, is available in White colour.
  • The offer includes a Vivo Y53S phone, 4G with 128GB of space.
  • Vivo Y20 202, 4G phone, 64 GB, Available in Blue.
  • Vivo Y53S is available in 4G, 128GB, Blue colour.
  • This offer is available in Vivo Y72, 5G with 128 GB space and it is available in Twilight color.
  • Vivo X60 is available in 5G, 256GB, Black colour.
  • Vivo Y72, 5G, with 128GB space.
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Offers & Discounts on Saudi Xtra Mobile Phones

Here, in the following lines, are the offers offered by Xtra on Huawei phones:

  • The offer includes the Huawei Nova 7i, which has 128 GB of storage, which is available in green color.
  • This offer is available on the Huawei Y6P with 64GB of space, which is available in Black colour.
  • This offer is available in Apple iPhone 11, 4G 64GB, Black and newer versions.
  • This offer is available on the Huawei Y6P with 64GB of space, which is available in green colour.
  • The Huawei Y6P is available in Purple color with 64GB of storage space.

Additional offers in Saudi Arabia on mobile

Extra offers you a range of Xiaomi phones including the following:

  • The phone Xiaomi 11T, 5G, with 256 GB area, is available in White colour.
  • This offer includes Xiaomi 11 Lite in 5G with 128GB area available in Pink color.
  • This offer offers a phone Xiaomi 11 Lite NI 5G with 256 GB area available in a pink color.
  • The offer includes an Apple iPhone 12 Pro, 5G with 512 GB area available in Blue colour.
  • Offer includes Apple iPhone 13, 5G with 256 GB of space available in pink color

Extra Discount on Mobile Phones

Xtra offers its customers a wide range of offers and discounts on different types of mobile phones. In the following lines, here are the most prominent offers Xtra has to offer you

  • Offers include an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, 5G with 256 GB of space available in Sierra Blue.
  • The offer includes an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 5G with an area of ​​256GB and is available in Gold color.
  • The offer includes an Apple iPhone 11 4G phone with 64GB of space and is available in black, knowing that this phone is a new variant.
  • The offer includes the Apple iPhone 12, a 5G phone with 128GB of space and is available in Purple colour.
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Extra offers on home appliances

Wall offers its customers additional offers and discounts of over 50% on air conditioners, and in the following lines, you will find the most prominent of those discounts

  • Offer on Class Pro Air Conditioner 18000 BTU Cool Air Distribution in 4 Directions with 33.34% Discount.
  • Wall air conditioner 18500 btu cold self-cleaning with 32.85% off.


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