US officials are said to have installed Tesla Software FSD > . have tested


One of several agencies in the United States that Tesla’s Autopilot system and beta software for it tackle the FSD, California has the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In late July, it began a process to seek approval to act against the Autopilot and full self-driving designations and certain marketing claims. As part of this, the Tesla system was now tested by DMV representatives – despite protests with critics as well.

Tesla protests against critical advisors

The news agency Bloomberg learned of the performance in late October, based on official documents, as reported Tuesday. It happened at DMV Headquarters in Sacramento. The authority was accompanied by a police representative, a California Secretary of State and three external advisers, Bloomberg writes, And Tesla is said to have previously objected to the presence of experts.

Because two of them have publicly criticized the autopilot system with FSD beta testing in the past. According to Bloomberg, Bryant Walker Smith of Stanford Law School spoke in favor of Tesla California rules for testing autonomous vehicles Applicable. The criticism from Steven Schladover from the University of California at Berkeley was clear: Tesla’s use of the term “self-driving” was “very harmful,” he told the Los Angeles Times.

Before the appointment, without naming names, a Tesla executive objected to the presence of advisers who, according to the report, spoke negatively about the company. No assurance has yet been received that their bias will not affect DMV’s dealings with Tesla. Obviously, this was noted, but not considered further. According to Bloomberg, the consultants will assist in the ongoing investigation of the FSD technology, the agency wrote back.

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The DMV apparently released the private Model Y. Tested in FSD

The post talks about the performance of the FSD software, and according to the author on Twitter, the vehicles were provided by Tesla itself. It’s possible that the officials’ representatives were not allowed to drive themselves at the time of appointment – but if that was the case, they found a solution to a private landlord: @klwtts published A brief text conversation with a customer who thanked him for using a rented Model Y the day before to get an insight into the current state of Tesla technologies.


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