Vaccination Request: Flood Of Complaints To Data Protection Authority –

Case numbers rise sharply in Scotland

Yesterday, DSB chief Andrea Jellinek reported to the Judiciary Committee about a sharp increase in complaints to the Data Protection Authority (DSB) regarding vaccination requests. According to Jelinek, the new positions in 2021 will make it possible to clear an earlier backlog of complaints. From November 2021, however, the authority faced a flurry of complaints about COVID vaccination requests, parliamentary correspondence reported.

With a total of 4,500 complaints received, this number represents more than double the normal annual intake. In response, a task force was formed so as not to restrict other areas and functions.

According to the report, in 2020, with respect to the pandemic and data security, it was to be clarified, for example, whether and under what conditions employers were obliged to inform about the disease, whether an employer would be obliged to inform other employees. can inform about it. What to consider when it comes to infection or working from home. GDPR creates the framework within which controllers and processors are allowed to move.

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