Vaccination system attests to the success of digital transformation

Vaccination system attests to the success of digital transformation

Monday 20 December 2021, 00:01

If we try to give a characterization for the closing time in a few days, we can very easily choose to say that 2021 was Greece’s year of acceleration of digital transformation. And we’re not just talking about the 490,000,000 digital transactions that happened during the year, but mainly the positive impression left by the vaccination system.

The heart and mind of the National Immunization System are basically digital features. And this is the first time that the citizens of this country have, in real terms, received the benefits that the digital world has to offer to the society. The unprecedented ease with which even a citizen unfamiliar with digital technology can schedule their vaccination appointment, be informed of the next one and then receive their certificate, providing protection and relief to society as a whole.

The result was that we all realized that when designing something from scratch with the tools provided by science, and in this case digital technology, it seems so far a matter of bureaucracy and inefficiency, like it ever was. did not exist.

At the same time, we are dealing with all digital technology in a friendly manner. The nonsense about “techno-fascism”, “violation of rights”, “loss of freedom” and “exploitation of personal data”, collapsed like a paper tower. The safety, speed and security that we have experienced through all digital applications in the fight against the pandemic is the best backdrop for the country’s overall digital transition.

It is a fact that the digital transition is one of the main strategic choices of the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis. An important strategy that has both an economic and social footprint, as we are used to saying. Until now, most people thought that digital technology only increases profits, replaces the human mind, displaces the human factor from decision centers and causes job losses.

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And yes, it is true that economies based on digital transformation are distinguished by their productivity, the competitiveness of the products and services they produce and offer, and the long-term growth of their economic indicators. But it is true that societies that have integrated digital technology into their daily lives are more democratic, more transparent, have easier access to state structures and functions, and are more humane. The digital transition is reducing inequalities, opening up horizons and providing opportunities to all.

The Minister for Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, referred parliament to the number of digital transactions to date. We had 8.8 million digital transactions in 2018, 34 million digital transactions in 2019, 94 million digital transactions in 2020 and will close with 490 million digital transactions in 2021, he added. All this we presented in the first article “Do it like Pyrakakis: The Exponential Growth in the Use of Web Services”, Hours saved by citizens and the lack of psychological stress from not attending the well-known “counters” of public services, have become imprinted in their minds.

However, the digital face of the National Immunization System has taken a huge sigh of confidence, confidence and optimism about the country’s overall future and the opportunities that are opening up. Enemies of the digital world, who try to keep society by force with their phobic and obsessive speech, saw his argument ignite.

What could be the end of the “techno-fascism” slogan that Syria was shouting now, and what could be the end of the “techno-feudalism” of the Varoufakis party?

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Left in its ideological turmoil, the modern Chekhov lives its play in the Cherry Orchard, where the protagonists refuse to accept change and the new reality, living with memories of the past, closing their eyes to the future, which They are coming to the fore fast.

And the bottom line is that digital transformation leads not only to less, but to a better position. And this, left-wing statehood cannot forgive the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Minister Kyriakos Pierakakis.


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