Video China unveils maglev train capable of maxing out at 600 kmph. Video: Inauguration of a faster train than an airplane… Catch the first glimpse of China’s maglev train

  Video China unveils maglev train capable of maxing out at 600 kmph.  Video: Inauguration of a faster train than an airplane... Catch the first glimpse of China's maglev train

China has a much faster train network than the rest of the world. China’s high-speed rail network is about 37,000 km long. At the same time, now China has set another example to run a train faster than an airplane. The world’s fastest commercial train, the Shanghai Maglev Train, is now part of China’s high-speed train network. The first glimpse of this train was recently shown by China to the world. This maglev train can cover a distance of 600 kmph. Simply put, this train travels from Beijing to Shanghai faster than a plane.

China unveiled a 21-metre prototype of the train to the media in Chengdu in January. University researchers built a 165-metre-long track and demonstrated a prototype of the train on it. The prototype train was built to show the form of the train and what it would be like to sit on the train. Six months later, the train was ready to run. According to Professor Chuan, who worked on the prototype, the entire train network will be operational in three to 10 years. He also expressed the possibility that Sichuan has some scarce resources which can be used to make permanent magnetic track in this train technology.

Just look at this photo >> Inside it looks like a luxury train that runs faster than a Chinese plane

train technology

This Chinese made maglev train runs on high temperature superconducting power. This train feels as if traveling on a magnetic track. That’s why this train is also called floating train. The Magwell train can be a great alternative to air travel for travelers traveling to a large country like China. The maximum speed of aircraft in China is 900 km per hour.

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It is being seen as an alternative service

With the construction of high-speed train tracks and basic services, China has started work on creating alternative services with the aim of reducing the distance of 1500 km as quickly as possible. China is now working to cut the 1,200-km distance between Beijing and Shanghai in less time. Currently, the air travel takes four and a half hours, while the current train takes five hours. However, due to maglev trains, this distance can be covered in just three and a half hours.

Test Required

China is looking to take advantage of the way it is building public transport services for industrialization. However, experts say it could take years to test different methods. These trains can be used commercially only after testing. China wants to use 500 km/h speed trains for commercial use by 2025.

What is the specialty of this train?

The high-speed maglev transport system with a top speed of 600 kmph was introduced in China in 2016. The project was implemented under the state-of-the-art railway projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Speed, safety, reliability, high passenger capacity, punctuality, eco-friendly, km maintenance cost are all characteristics of high speed maglev trains. Have a glimpse of this train

so much work is going on in china

Maglev type train, China’s fastest train, has been running since 2003. The maximum speed of this train is 431 kmph. The train connects Shanghai’s Pudong Airport with Longyang Road in the east of Shanghai. China aims to build more and more basic services by 2022. With the Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing, China is working rapidly to build basic services to connect the main city.

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Special bullet train also started

A special bullet train service was launched in China in January. These trains can run well even in low temperature areas. This train named CR400 AF-G can travel at a speed of 350 kmph in minus 40 degrees.

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First published July 21, 2021 at 1:59 pm

web title: Video China unveils a maglev train capable of a maximum speed of 600 kmph


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