Video of the life of astronauts on the ISS – a year in 60 seconds

Video of the life of astronauts on the ISS - a year in 60 seconds

Most astronauts visiting the International Space Station will want to spend all of their time in space looking at Earth through a porthole. But they actually have a lot of work to do there.

ISS. Astronaut Tom Peske on / Photo: Twitter

They are tasked with everything from scientific experiments and spacewalks to more mundane but essential tasks such as charging and keeping the station clean.

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The European Space Agency has revealed what a typical day is like on the ISS. He merged hundreds of videos taken over several months into one video.

The footage was captured by French astronaut Tom Pesquet during two missions: Proxima in 2016 and current Alpha.

The astronaut was engaged in various important tasks, but at the same time found time for exercise and even had fun trying to fold T-shirts in zero gravity.

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