VIDEO: Traffic jam in underground tunnel built by Elon Musk company goes viral

VIDEO: Un atasco en un túnel subterráneo creado por una compañía de Elon Musk se vuelve viral


7 NE 2022 02:24 GMT

The scene happened this Thursday during the Consumer Electronics Fair under the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This Thursday during the Consumer Electronics Fair (CES, for its abbreviation in English) there was a traffic jam in an underground tunnel built by The Boring Company – a company run by Elon Musk – under the Las Vegas Convention Center (USA). One of the affected drivers posted a video on Twitter which has gone viral.

In the recording, it is seen how the driver moves in one direction on the road, until suddenly, he meets a car caravan, and you should slow down. Shortly after, he exits the tunnel.

“Is there often a lot of traffic here?” asks one of the passengers in the vehicle. The driver then did not respond, arguing that he believed what was happening is that the entrances to the south wing of the building were closed.

in May 2019 it was announced LVCC Loop Project. With a length of 1.34 kilometres, it connects the new pavilion of the aforementioned convention center to the rest of the buildings located on the same street. This allows people to travel that distance in just one minute, while it takes people 15 to 20 minutes to walk.

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A year later two tunnels were completed, one in each direction, which passed One of three stations where passengers can board and disembark Tesla vehicles. cars are expected to be able to drive up to 250 kph And, in the future, do it autonomously as well.

The idea of ​​The Boring Company is to solve the traffic problem in big cities. In fact, he is carrying out a similar project shifts, Lauderdale Fort (Florida), and two cities have plans to do the same Texas,

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