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Press foyer with question-and-answer session live from 11.15 am on VOL.AT.
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LH Wallner welcomes the investigation launched by WKSTA and sees it as an opportunity to end the “political boom of outright lies about his person”.

In the press foyer on Tuesday, the governor commented on deleting his tablet and mobile phone data.

WKSTA prescribed

Wallner is being investigated for charges of accepting profit under Section 305 of the Criminal Code, and against two others – the current Economics Minister Marco Titler and his predecessor Karlheinz Rudisser – under Section 306 of the Criminal Code to the effect. to accept benefits. In particular: Waller could try to solicit benefits as an officer for the dutiful performance of official business, Rudisser and Titler could accept such benefits. WKSTA did not name any names, and did not provide any information on further investigative measures in the wake of the ongoing investigation.

Wallner denies the allegations

“I have never negotiated or sold any advertisements, nor anything in return,” the governor stressed in his statement. He would like to make it clear forever that he strongly rejects the anonymous allegations. “I think the anonymous allegations will be made personal during the course of the investigation. That’s the only way to refute the allegations,” Wallner said. He assured the officials of full cooperation in the investigation.

Allegation: Data deleted?

Wallner also came under pressure on Tuesday because of the recent replacement of his electronic equipment – in the immediate vicinity of the initial suspicion test by WKSTA. When asked by the APA, Wallner’s government partner, Daniel Zadra, said that, as a member of the state government, he was also responsible for the state’s IT department. As manager of this department, he was informed of a desire to delete data on equipment from the governor’s office. After consulting lawyers, he informed the authorities and thus assumed his responsibility, insisted Jadra. The Greens state counselor said it is up to Governor Wallner to explain why he wants to remove the data on his official devices and ensure full transparency here as well.

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Wallner: All the data is still available

Wallner, for his part, insisted through his spokesman Simon Kample that he had received a new cell phone and a new tablet, but none of the cell phone data had been removed. The replacement of electronic equipment was “planned for a long time”. The old mobile phone has not been reset and is still with the governor, Kample insisted on the APA. The new tablet had already been delivered on April 13, the state IT department on April 19 performed the synchronization (calendar data, e-mail, contacts, etc.) and handed over the device to Wallner. The old tablet was properly reset.

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