Walt Disney: Now the Metaverse may be coming

Walt Disney: Now the Metaverse may be coming

The Metaverse is on everyone’s lips at the moment. Apart from the leading meta platform, many other companies have now staked their claim in the new digital world. These include tech giants like Microsoft, Nvidia, Apple or smaller players like Vuzix or Roblox. Now the world’s largest entertainment company Walt Disney is joining this elite series.

According to news portal CNBC CEO Bob Chapek told employees today that he is naming Mike White as the new senior vice president for the newly created Next Generation storytelling exercise. Chapek did not provide further details on the Metaverse plans, but said that White’s role would be to reconcile the “physical”. and the digital world” for Walt Disney Entertainment.

“Today we have the opportunity to create a new paradigm for connecting those universes and connecting with the audience’s experience and our stories,” Chapek said.

“My vision is that Disney+ will be the platform for the Metaverse,” Chapek said in a previous interview. CNBC, He sees the Metaverse as a kind of 3D canvas to bring together various formats such as books, films and theme parks.

Walt Disney
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The Metaverse would fit in quite nicely with Walt Disney’s entertainment empire. For example, virtual theme parks and streaming services are conceivable within the Metaverse. In any case, the Metaverse initiative should provide a new course of vision for the Mickey Mouse group. DER AKTIONĂ„R remains bullish on the stock.


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