Want to take a break from Instagram?

Want to take a break from Instagram?

InternetDesk: Elders say that youth are being made slaves of other things on social media. On the other hand, youth say that they are learning a lot from social media content. Manchichedu has two with social media as the sword is sharp on both sides. Experts say that in recent times, youth are increasingly misusing them. In this connection, photo sharing app Instagram has taken an important decision to prevent youth from getting attracted towards dangerous content on social media. For this a new feature named ‘Take a Break’ will be introduced. With the help of the Take a Break feature, young people can take a break from their Instagram account for a while and use them again. How much time do they spend on Instagram at the same time? Which items are you looking at the most? Facebook says it hopes to be able to meaningfully analyze and reuse Instagram.

“We find that young people are getting addicted to the same type of video over and over again. No matter how good it is for them. We want them to watch other videos too. So we are going to introduce a new feature Facebook’s vice president of international affairs, Nick Clegg, said, “This new feature will also help young people take a break from Instagram.” Facebook-linked social media is putting youth at risk. In addition, Instagram has announced that it will soon introduce Instagram Kids for children under the age of 13. However, due to international objections, it has been postponed for a few days. was postponed.

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