Warning of a serious software vulnerability in Windows systems

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Companies interested in cybersecurity have warned of a software vulnerability that could be used to infiltrate Windows systems on computers.

According to some websites, a cybersecurity company, a specialist in Positive Security, was able to discover a dangerous “drive-by” software vulnerability in Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems, which was used to access those systems and access operating devices. can be used to access the data. in which.

The above company experts indicated that they alerted Microsoft to the existence of this vulnerability, and in turn issued subsequent software updates for its operating system, but these updates did not address the vulnerability they required, And Microsoft didn’t release any official statement about this vulnerability to users, but tried to fix it quietly.

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The experts also noted that the above vulnerability could help infiltrate Windows systems if the user enters unsafe sites on the Internet, so they advised users to browse the currently known and secure sites on the Internet when Until Microsoft releases updates that completely resolve the issue.

It should be noted that Microsoft released several security updates for Windows systems after the announcement of the discovery of several dangerous vulnerabilities, such as the PrintNightmare vulnerability in Windows Print Spooler services, and even for Windows 7 systems. Updates were also released for which it has stopped supporting. programmatically.

Source: 3dnews

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