Water-cooled Alphacool HDX Apex NVMe SSD

Alphacool HDX Apex

Along with HDX Apex, Alphacool introduces water cooler for M.2 NVMe SSD. Water cooling of an SSD is only necessary to a limited extent, but little can be said about integrating it into existing water cooling circuits. SSD’s NAND memory can withstand high temperatures, but the controller benefits from good cooling – always provided that the load on the SSD is uniformly high. We are within the scope of this result Corsair MP600 Pro Hydro X . test of reached.

The HDX Apex is made of nickel-plated copper with dimensions of 68 x 25.6 x 16.8 mm. However, these dimensions are in place with the cooler top, which consists of either acrylic or acetal. The thickness of the radiator base is 1.6 mm. With said length, the cooler covers the M.2 2280 SSD. The acrylic variant has three RGB LEDs that illuminate the transparent cover. The supplied thermal pads, which have a thermal conductivity of 3 W/mK, are mounted between the SSD and the cooler.

The HDX Apex is integrated into the water cycle via two G1/4 inch connections. Both Alfacool HDX Apex Acetal simultaneously The acrylic version is now available for 29.98 euros Available.

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