“We are starting to see the broken pot of the startup nation” (Ellis Fabing, lawyer)

Elise Fabling, avocate spécialiste du droit du travail et cofondatrice du cabinet Alkemist.

La Tribune – Since late December, the Balance Ta Startup account on Instagram has unofficially rejected poor testimonials on the working conditions of moral and sexual harassment in many French tech startups. Why the freedom to speak in startups?

Alisse febbing – harassment at work is a global problem that affects all sectors of the economy. Why start-ups, and why now? I think for a long time, we idealized work in startups. “Startup Nation” was synonymous with modernity, “cool”, new ways of agile management, more authentic human relationships in the service of a project full of meaning. But today, the quiet varnish is breaking. Balance your startup, the startup equivalent to the account of the balance agency you created last year that condemned harassment in the com and advertising world, is a real cry for freedom to speak up. Because startups have a code, a corporate culture, a very specific work environment, which can also create conditions for harassment.

My firm has shown various files to have occasional unhealthy seizures between work and personal life in this area. There is no barrier now. The bonds of investment required by the employee and the commitment between the employees and the founders are so strong that many toxic relationships, friendly or romantic, and a state of influence develop. The employee’s commitment includes almost a voluntary share, which makes labor law forgettable. In fact, the super good founder at the head of a startup, except you who is your age, builds its value and you are just an employee. The relationship of economic dependence broke the human relationship. A lot of people tell me “We were very friends and then it turned“Employees are very precious in the beginning, because a startup builds all its value on the team, but later, when the company grows, the environment of” friends “often breaks the real thing.

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What is your role in this movement?

I am not the originator of the account, but I use this platform to offer free legal advice by “live” on my startup account balance with my partners Marion and Faustine. These events are performed live by thousands of people. Each “live” is dedicated to a theme – traditional breaks, women’s rights at work, going to court, moral harassment … – and I answer the questions of Internet users. My passion is to make labor law accessible and understandable to more people. My goal is to help victims of harassment at work, to give them the tools to improve their situation or leave their businesses, without necessarily having to hire a lawyer. The success of these “live” shows, which reveal a real need, is beyond me …


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