we want that awesome part

we want that awesome part

Tesla makes electric cars and not cell phones, that should be known. But does it have to stay like this forever? Elon Musk has already founded several crazy start-ups and finally implemented crazy ideas, so a telephone would be almost “normal”. Looking at this concept, we can only say: we want such an explicit part.

Tesla’s first smartphone: the idea behind the design of the mobile phone

what if Tesla One smart Fone will build? How would such a device want to attract customers and what would it have? iPhone From Apple in advance? only one at this time hypothetical question, the answer to which is very exciting. thought about it Designer Antonio de Rosawho has been in the past Some Genius Apple Designs drawn.

His basic idea: Tesla might and probably will have a smartphone product world Of Elon Musk SicknessAs such, Apple sees the iPhone as a link to other Apple products and services. It may actually work, after all, Tesla customers are just as passionate as Apple fans… Tesla has long been a cult, not just a cult e-car maker,

Simple features of a potential Tesla smartphone

and so it will be “Tesla Model Pie” They are also at the heart of Mr. Musk’s extraordinary products. let’s take a look…

Image: Antonio de Rosa.

E-Car Control: It’s clear, the same should happen with Tesla smartphones Own e-car from the house of the same name Can be controlled, including major functions ranging from air conditioning. Amazing so far.

Image: Antonio de Rosa.

Neuralink Connection: But now it’s getting really crazy. With “nerve link” The founders of Tesla have been developing and working since 2016 on the so-called brain-computer interface, that is, a device that establishes communication between the human brain and the computer. Well, such a device could come in the form of this smartphone.

Image: Antonio de Rosa.

App connection for flamethrower: In case you forgot, Musk’s “The Boring Company” should be responsible for selling specially developed flamethrower Make an identity In the future, this could be done individually with a suitable app on a Tesla smartphone.

Image: Antonio de Rosa.

Starlink Antenna: With Starlink, Musk delivers faster internet via satellite for settlement. However, as of now it requires a separate antenna. But what if it is already built into a smartphone in miniature?

Image: Antonio de Rosa.

Mars Coin Mining: Of course, with a Tesla smartphone you can also do it directly. cryptocurrency My “Marscoin”. The latter has nothing to do with Elon Musk and Tesla, but it is space-xThe founder is a big fan of the Red Planet. FYI: Special Cryptocurrencies Used For Missions To Mars – Exactly Mr. Musk’s Thing.

Image: Antonio de Rosa.

Astrophotography: And of course, the camera system Carl Zeiss Certainly so excellent it would be excellent for astrophotography. True to the motto: “To infinity and much more.”

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And what else would such a Tesla smartphone offer? it’s clear, solar cells Of course it’s more ultrasonicFingerprint sensor in display No longer science fiction. In the case of operating systems, you probably have Android Substructure Take it, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel a second time.

The Tesla Boss Is Already a Mad Dog:

all together

Our Assessment: even though there’s only one currently crazy idea This is Tesla’s smartphone customers will meet, certainly in the Tesla drivers, but maybe one or the other Apple and samsung-Users switch and later buy the right e-car. A win-win situation for Mr. Musk.


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