We’ll Use Our iPhones Differently

We'll Use Our iPhones Differently

Introducing a taste of the new features coming with iOS 16

Will have one on iPhones by autumn completely new touch gesture Part of everyday life: Tap and hold on the lock screen. then the settings menu to appear new Lockscreen Featureswith iOS 16 Apple will find its way into smartphones.

But first things first: iOS 16’s first public beta has been available for a few days ready to download, This means that the upcoming OS version is not ready yet, but it is comprehensive first impression To make aware.

I immediately downloaded the iOS 16 trial version and tried it extensively to see how changes and new features Proven focus is on new lockscreen features.

personal lock screen

This is possible for the first time since iOS 16 lock screen of iPhones to accommodate and to personalize. If you press Lock Screen, a new menu appears. Various lock screens suitable for the respective situation can be created there. In everyday life it is possible to change to a different lock screen design in just a few seconds.

when personalizing lock screen in 3 parts Split: In the narrow band at the top, where the date and weekday are by default, weather information, fitness goals, clock, share prices or similar can also be displayed.

widget on lock screen

it’s like this below watch, where the color and font can be customized. There is a possibility of down and up 4 Mini Widgets See: Weather, Battery Level (iPhone, AirPods, Watch), Alarms, Apple Smart Home Items, Reminders, and more.

Although these are mini widgets not interactivebut in part are linked – For example, if you tap on the little weather widget, you’re taken directly to the weather app. The desired “Focus” profile can also be selected in the new lockscreen menu.

new notification display

With iOS 16, the approach is changing too notification And this music playback appear on the lock screen. Because the top of the display is already occupied by widgets, notifications at the bottom of the screen been displayed.

How information is staged is also new. One way can best describe the representation carousel Or compare the spinning wheel below.

Weather app now has graphical hourly forecast for temperature, precipitation and wind

Weather app with new features

Another change that will be noticeable in everyday life is Revised in-house weather app, which has received new assignments. so in the end hourly forecast For the coming days as well. If you tap on the current day’s time or one of the following days, a new window appears.

The hourly temperature forecast is displayed there in the form of a curve. In addition, along with the probability of rainfall, the UV index, wind, air pressure, humidity, etc. also decrease. shown graphically Will.

New feature for photos

There’s a new one in the photo fun new feature achieve. With a portrait portrait, the person in the foreground can be selected with a long press. off background Will. If you hold down Section, you can switch to another app and send the cropped photo via Direct Messages or embed it in a Pages document.

apparently this integration works With in-house Apple apps only, Unfortunately, clipping photos cannot be attached to a message on WhatsApp or Signal. I didn’t understand how to save the cropped image as a new image file – or it doesn’t work.

The Next Generation of Apple CarPlay

for all those who apple carplay In the car, things may change in the future. Previously, CarPlay content could only be viewed on the center console screen. A major update will also make it possible to play on the instrument panel in the future.

Of course, the prerequisites for this must be created by the car manufacturer. If these are provided, CarPlay content on all screens in the cockpit Displayed. Apple speaks of widgets and functions that can be personalized on the respective screen.

In the future, Apple CarPlay will be available on all screens in the cockpit

more new features

Will be an option with iOS 16 live widget on lockscreen – As an example, Apple cites the current score of an NFL game. However, this function will only be provided through a later update and hence cannot be tried out yet.

as well as the function with which a sent messages for a short time after shipment to edit It doesn’t seem to be available in beta version yet.

In addition there is many small changesAffects different apps: Mail, Fitness, Health, Home, Photos, Maps. Full list of all new features available at Related Apple website,


Apple almost had one of its iPhones always on display Missed out, as Android phones have known for years. with new, customizable lock screenBut a feature has emerged that is not present in the form for Android phones and is a welcome addition to the iPhones.

With this new feature, Lock screen has been greatly upgraded, Above all, the quick switch between lock screens that are differently designed and adapted to different situations is practical. As per Apple standards, the lock screen can also be customized in some detail.

New display of information Looks modern but not revolutionary. In-house innovations stand out weather app, Thanks to graphically drawn hourly forecasts, there’s now one less reason to use an alternative weather app.

In short it means: iOS 16 brings some innovation, which replace the key functions of the iPhone. Above all, the personalized lock screen and new weather app will change Noteworthy in the daily life of all iPhone users,


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