What does Gmail take from you?

What does Gmail take from you?

Internet Desk: As the use of social media has increased … many types of privacy questions are coming up. Many companies are taking details from customers that they will provide better services in the use of the app. However, experts warn that sometimes data leakage, unauthorized use is taking place. In this context, questions have been raised as to what data Google is taking from its users. Google recently revealed those details. Announces the details of using the Gmail app on iOS.

Late last year brought the App Store … Privacy Labs feature. Part of this is that each app has to tell what details it is collecting from the user. So now the details of Gmail have been revealed. Although these are iOS details. Tech experts say that Gmail will take similar details on Android because the policies are similar. However, in the case of a Gmail business account, the calculation is different.

The Gmail app manages username, location, mail address, email, message, photo, video, audio data, user information, search information, user ID, device ID, usage data, advertising data, crash data, performance data. For more analytics … Gmail details of items you purchased, contact information, email, addresses, photos, videos, audio details, other content, search information, user IDs, device IDs, usage data, advertising data, crash data Collects performance data.

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