What makes battery start-up Tesvolt special

What makes battery start-up Tesvolt special

sYou have a vision, a complete order book and a rigorous expansion plan. To put this into practice, they have developed their own technology and management system; He went to the green field and built his factory there. It is located at the entrance to the Lutherstad Wittenberg, has a production area larger than a soccer field, is considered the most modern of its kind and Also called: long before the California carmaker Tesla After setting up its factory in Brandenburg, German start-up Tesvolt wrote the name of their factory in large letters on the corrugated iron fa├žade: “Gigafactory T1”. A start-up with a factory – a rather rarity.

Rooftop solar cells and heat pumps for the office wing make the company energy self-sufficient. In the hall you can see battery boxes, single-family home-sized containers and switch cabinets, computers and screens, countless cables, wires and flashing displays, but hardly any. Automation makes this possible. Lots of work, but hardly any employees. Handles are machine things. “What Tesla does for its cars, we do it for the ships too,” says Daniel Hahnemann, one of the two founders. And that means: Tesvolt develops, produces and supplies lithium-based battery systems. They can power e-motors of all types and sizes. booming business.

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