What to do if an unusual traffic message appears from the computer

What to do if an unusual traffic message appears from the computer

Unusual traffic from your network device

As we say, sometimes we have a hard time Internet surfingTo open a web page or use a platform. We usually get messages or error codes. It helps us find information on the web and see what we can do to solve this problem and navigate without problems.

One of the messages that can appear is Unusual traffic from your network device. Google tells us that something strange has happened, out of the ordinary, and warns us. We may think that there is something wrong with our connection or our team has also been compromised.

This can normally happen when browsing the web. Only by doing a Google search do we see that alert. Keep in mind that it appears regardless of the browser we are using. Appears when you consider that automatic traffic exists. They believe that there really is no human behind that device or those discoveries.

Why this message appears

It should be noted that there is no single reason for an unusual traffic error to appear. It may appear by various reasons, As we are going to see. In general terms, we can say that Google believes that we have done many consecutive searches and that we can be a bot. This causes us to launch that alert message.

Multiple searches in a row

We can say that the main reason for Google to turn off the alarm is that we have created a lot Continuous search. For example, if we are part of a botnet, it is logically very likely. They are basically hidden discoveries made by our team.

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However, it may also be that we ourselves, at the level of domestic users, have done a large number of searches in a short period of time. This makes Google suspicious and believes that we are indeed a bot.

We are using a public team

Undoubtedly the fact of using a public computer or we are connected to a connected public network This may increase the likelihood of this message being displayed. After all, a large number of users can search at the same time from a single IP address.

We surf with a vpn

a. Something similar happens when using VPN. We may be sharing the IP address with many more users and distributed from different geographic points. Google may interpret this unusual traffic as coming from bots. These programs are widely used and sometimes they do not work correctly or we are not using the service enough.

There is some kind of malware on the system

Of course, it is possible that there is some kind of virus or Malware In our team. This may cause unusual traffic and therefore Google alerts. This is one of the reasons that is always present when there is a problem browsing the Internet in general.

We open a lot of tabs to search now

While this is not the most common reason, it may also be that we have opened too many tabs to perform Internet search. This means that at any given time it is an excessive figure that Google thinks we are a bot and alerts us to it.

How to avoid unusual traffic failure

We have explained what are the main reasons for the alert message that abnormal traffic has come from our computer to the network. Now we are going to give a series of solutions so that it does not happen or it can be solved if we see an error.

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Restart router and computer

There may be problems when transferring traffic from our router to Google. There may be some type of error handling request. Therefore, one very simple step that we can take is restart Both routers and our computer equipment.

Now, in case of router, you have to restart it properly. It is not enough not to turn it off again and again. We should keep it off for at least 30 seconds and then we start it again so that it can restart correctly.

Scan for malware

We should always protect our equipment. We have seen that one of the reasons for the unusual traffic message from our computer could be due to some kind of malware. To avoid this, we can do analysis on the system.

There are many Antivirus Which we can install. Both free and paid. This is something that we should implement in any operating system that we are using. In addition, the variety of devices is very wide, as we also have firewalls and other programs available.

Control vpn

Vpn program For example, they are very useful to protect our identity on a network when connected to a public network. However, they do not always work correctly. In addition, sometimes we use services with which we share IP with many other users.

If this is our case, then we will find ourselves in a situation where many discoveries can happen in a short period of time. So we should control the VPN. We can opt for a reliable and secure payment program. Also, if you encounter any problem at any time, turn off the VPN.

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Sign in to google

It may be that Google suspects that we are legitimate users or not. One way to verify this is to show that we are not part of a botnet. log in In google. That way they will get to know which users we are and there will be no problem in doing multiple searches continuously in popular search engines.

In short, these are some of the questions that we should focus on if we get the annoying message that unusual traffic has come from our computer. This can happen under certain special circumstances, as we have seen. It can affect us in our daily lives and prevent us from navigating the Internet correctly.


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