What will you do if your phone is stolen?… Steps to get mobile phone easily

What will you do if your phone is stolen?... Steps to get mobile phone easily

In recent times many people have come into contact with theft, in which a person loses hope of recovery. Mobile Again, but with advances in modern technology, it has become possible to access all the files and applications that reside on the phone from any other device, and ensure that all data is received in case the mobile phone is stolen.

mobile phone recovery steps

Anyone who has lost or stolen their mobile phone can do the process of activating the phone tracking service, and this is done after registering their account on the phone, whether Google account on the Android system or the iPhone. Apple account on the phone, through which it is possible to carry out the tracking process well in case of theft.

Activate phone tracking service on Android system

  • The person enters the phone setting.
  • After that, choose Security & Privacy.
  • Then click on Find My Device.
  • and make sure it is activated.

Activate phone tracking service on Apple system

  • That person initially enters the phone settings.
  • Then click on Apple ID.
  • Then iCloud is selected.
  • Then click on Find My iPhone.
  • make sure it is enabled

stolen phone recovery steps

In the event of a mobile phone theft, it is necessary to follow a number of steps, so that a person can get the phone back, and the data can be kept safe at large.

  • Change the password for all accounts.
  • Block your credit card.
  • Use a phone tracking app.
  • Inform the authorities.


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