WhatsApp and the hidden trick of deleting messages

WhatsApp and the hidden trick of deleting messages

Many times you may have been mistaken as a recipient while sending WhatsApp messages. Many times we resort to the option to “delete messages for all”. However, the address of that action will be clear to everyone.

The application indicated that you can only delete a message within 10 minutes, it has now been modified and took up to an hour to do so. However, there may be a trick that will help you after that time.


The The first thing you should do is to disconnect the airplane mode of the device, in the same way you have to remove the nanosim from your terminal.

The After that, you have to close WhatsApp by going to Settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Force Stop.

The Next, go to change the system time or date, preferably one minute before the message is sent.

The Open WhatsApp, select the conversation and delete the desired message using the “delete for all” option, which is enabled again.

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The Now it automatically goes back to the current time and date on the phone.

The Connect to the internet again and keep your Nano SMS. With this, you will see that without leaving a trace of what you have written, you will see a message that you have deleted it.

Of course, this trick will only work until the other person has opened the message. If you have read it, you will not be able to do these steps on WhatsApp.

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