WhatsApp Confirms It Will Stop Working On These iPhones – Daily Final Version

WhatsApp Confirms It Will Stop Working On These iPhones - Daily Final Version

WhatsApp Have recently launched a New version of your application for iPhone with new functions and security improvementsHowever, it negatively affects some users. Devices that do not meet certain requirements They will not be able to update it and the platform will stop working.

To install New WhatsApp update 2.21.50 is a requirement that Apple devices have iOS 10 operating system And later, as stated by the company on its support page.

This is particularly bad iPhone 4G and earlier mobiles Since its terminals They only allow iOS 9.3.6. In case of Iphone 5 And later it is possible to update your operating system so that it remains compatible with the messaging application, they reviewed RT.

For now, people who already have WhatsApp installed on mobile phones with iOS 9 They will be able to continue using the application, but it will likely lose functionality It is unusable over time.

note that If you have received a message that is not compatible with your version of WhatsApp, you will need to update WhatsApp “, They point to messaging platforms that always recommend using their latest version.

For users still using WhatsApp on unsupported devices, experts recommend Export all your chat history Before the application stops working completely.

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