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The court has made a comfortable observation for all those who manage WhatsApp groups. The Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court has said that the WhatsApp group administrator will not be held responsible for the objectionable post of any other member of the group. The court dismissed the case against the 33-year-old WhatsApp group administrator.

The court ruled that the administrator would not be responsible for all posts in a group and would only be responsible if the administrator knew about the post. The court commented on the WhatsApp post after considering a petition filed by the group administrator Kishore Tarun.

Justice Z.A. A division bench of Justices Haq and AB Borkar passed the order. The bench ruled that WhatsApp group administrators have limited powers to add or remove members to the group and do not have the authority to control or censor content posted in the group.

A member of the group had complained that the administrator had failed to remove and prevent sexual harassment of another female member and to take action against the member. However, the group administrator also approached the court to quash the case lodged against him in 2016.

English Summary: WhatsApp Group Admin is not responsible for objectionable posts by a different member: HC

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