WhatsApp: How to change the date and time of a message while sending it?

WhatsApp: How to change the date and time of a message while sending it?

through communication WhatsApp It is daily and also almost permanent. It is the messaging application which is used by most of the people all over the world, although in recent times Wire Managed to bite millions of users. However, it has a long way to go to take the top spot from the podium. WhatsApp.

In addition to the permanent update of application, users find Trick for your communication. The best known are that the last connection is not seen, prevent them from detecting whether we have read the message or not and others are usually very useful. But there is a function about which very few people know.

Funseen it can be very useful Change the time of messages you send. It’s not difficult, it’s very easy. It’s just a new shortcut discovered through which you have the possibility to change the time and date of sending messages that they send daily.

It should be clarified that it will only be shown if you send a message by WhatsApp after configuring it means that the texts before it will not differ.

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The trick is quite simple and you just need to update your cell phone with the instant messaging application and then perform these steps in the settings of your cell device.

how to change time of whatsapp messages

The function is available for both operating system devices iOS for example Android And they should follow the same steps.

– Enter Settings. – Then, go to Accessibility or General. – Click on Date & Time. – Deactivate the button where it says “Set Automatically”. – Now just select the time when you want to send WhatsApp message. – Afterwards, enter WhatsApp and send a message.

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With this you will receive that your message has received a new time and your Contago will review the notification with a different time.

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