Whatsapp, many users forced to leave app | Because here

  Whatsapp, many users forced to leave app |  Because here

WhatsApp is an important news for users, as some will be forced to leave the application. Here is the reason behind this harsh decision.

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Many users of the WhatsApp instant messaging application will have a bitter surprise by the end of this spring. But before we go into detail, let us understand what happened.

Earlier this year, the app decided to adopt A new privacy policy However, most users have closed their noses, seeing their privacy as strongly compromised. There is now an update on the adoption of these new terms of use of the service.

That is why WhatsApp of many users will be banned.

Whatsapp chat
WhatsApp Chat (pexels)

The rules provided by the app in January Whatsapp data sharing with facebook. The developers have decided to introduce this novelty to reopen advertising on social Facebook. However, this sharing is not new from scratch, on the contrary. But if the possibility of data sharing was reserved for the individual user until last year, the choice is no longer a possibility, but has become an obligation.

And it is precisely this obligation of consent that has given rise to rebellion among users who are compelled to do something without their will. Now there is an important news about this rule: Those who refuse to follow the rules of use will not be able to use the app And will be excluded from service. A decision that is a matter of debate, especially given that WhatsApp is the most used app in the world and it can cause the loss of many users.

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Users excluded from WhatsApp: What are the consequences for the app?

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Whatsapp logo next to Facebook (GettyImages)

While, on the one hand, the privacy update was introduced in January, on the other hand, Deadline is set for May 15. To this date, those who have not followed the new rules will have to leave their account as the application will disable it.

Many users, after this hitch, which leave everyone speechless, have already decided to exit the other app. The first choice is definitely WireThe app was developed in 2013 and which, thanks to WhatsApp’s management flaws, is reaching more and more consensus. Second choice is represented The signalApplication developed by Open Whisper Systems in 2014. Currently, telegram is not popular, but its use is increasing.


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