WhatsApp: Melting smiley, dashed face, eye to hand – this is what the new emoji mean

WhatsApp: Melting smiley, dashed face, eye to hand - this is what the new emoji mean

WhatsApp has introduced new emoji on Android phones. Including a charming smiley face, a blue hand with one eye and a dotted face. We reveal what they mean.

WhatsApp introduced a new smiley. (source: georgemclitl/depositphoto.com,

  • WhatsApp has introduced 107 new emoji in Android phones.
  • These are included in Messenger with version
  • The meaning is not immediately apparent in every picture.

Courier WhatsApp Adds new emoji to the Android version. With the update to version, a total of 107 new images have been added to the app. The meaning of a smiley is not immediately clear to everyone. We’ll tell you which pictures are like melting smileys.

You can speak louder with a melting smiley emojipedia Either implying that you are extremely hot or using it figuratively to express shame. The dashed face is meant to represent someone who is invisible or hidden.

The blue hand emoji with eyes is also called “hamsa”. It occurs as a symbol in Islam and Buddhism among others. There it represents luck, protection, guidance, feminine power and faith.

On the other hand, the meaning of the second new smiley can be read directly from the symbols. For example, a face with a diagonal face is intended to convey suspicion. You show respect to your counterpart with a saluting smiley and a face-to-face emoji expressing horror.

new features are coming

Other new emoji are new hand gestures that are self-explanatory. There are also several additions to the existing emoji – for example, there is now a pregnant man as well as a pregnant woman.

WhatsApp is currently getting not only new emojis, but many more. new features. Among other things, the changes affect group calls.

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