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WhatsApp has said that it will not delete accounts or shorten services even if the new privacy policy is not approved. There are indications that WhatsApp has changed its stance in the wake of the implementation of the new IT Act in the country.

WhatsApp says that the new privacy policy, which came into force on May 15, will never limit the services of unauthorized users. WhatsApp said in a statement to The Nextweb that users would no longer accept the policy but would not prohibit any activity.

Discussions were held with various authorities and privacy experts. According to the company’s new decision, all the features of the app will be given to everyone. WhatsApp also said that currently there are no plans to limit the features of some. However, it has been informed that a notification requesting approval of the policy will continue to be shown.

WhatsApp has introduced a privacy policy in countries including India where there are more than 400 million users. WhatsApp had earlier warned users that if the policy is not approved, then their accounts will be terminated soon or their features will be gradually phased out.

English summary: WhatsApp will not limit actions if you do not accept the new policy terms

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