WhatsApp sets mandatory conditions in 2021 and lack of consent confirms removal of application

واتس آب

The WhatsApp application begins enforcing its new terms for 2021, requesting all its users to agree to the new Privacy General Policy, which has been updated for this year, and as soon as possible The message application is opened, from this year onwards, the message about the privacy of the update appears for all the rules and policies regarding the new use of the company.

Mandatory conditions for WhatsApp in 2021, and not agreeing to them will remove it

One of the tech sites has confirmed that the policy for the new service is in 2021, that if a WhatsApp user does not agree to the terms when a modern policy message appears, they will not be able to use the application after February 8, 2021 .

The messages a user sees when opening the application include the following: “The WhatsApp application updates its terms and privacy policies, and the major updates include more information about the WhatsApp service, and businesses archiving their WhatsApp conversations How to use the added services on Facebook to do and manage. “

The message includes the following “How do you part with Facebook to provide an integration process through Facebook products”, and the end of the message also states that the OK button must be pressed, and that means you can create new privacy Agree to the original terms and policy of the original location for implementation on February 8, 2021, and in the event it is possible to visit the help center if the person prefers to delete the account or has a lot of information about it. Knows

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