WhatsApp starts blocking screenshots

WhatsApp starts blocking screenshots

Developers are always testing new features in the beta version.

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was already in september first speculation around blocked screenshot function WhatsApp, Now the rumors are getting stronger. beta tester to reportthat they are in messenger version Can’t capture screen for android. This applies at least to the media and messages sent by the sender with the so-called “single site” was sent.

WhatsApp introduced this feature a year ago. If pictures, videos and messages are sent with a one-time view, they can only be opened and viewed by the recipient once. Then deleted Whatsapp them immediately.

no more screen captures

Who before this self-destruction, however, a screenshot Able to save still photos. Since this defeats the purpose of the function, WhatsApp now wants to stop the loophole.

While trying to take a screenshot of one-time messages, beta testers recently only received one black image, Even. with any extension of third party provider It is said that no screen recording can be done. WhatsApp responds in beta version: “Due to security guidelines, screenshots cannot be taken.”


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