WhatsApp: This is how you can schedule messages and send them with a time delay

WhatsApp: This is how you can schedule messages and send them with a time delay
How do I send and manage messages and documents…

With one trick you can schedule WhatsApp messages and send them automatically at a specific time. We present you the best method for this purpose.

WhatsApp Intended as a messenger for chat and therefore has neither formatting functions nor other e-mail features such as delayed sending.

similar to auto-answer with autoresponder for whatsapp You can also use an app to easily plan WhatsApp messages in advance on Android.

The principle is very similar: You grant system-wide access to another app and then it automatically sends your messages for you.

This should be taken into account when using it

Since WhatsApp automatically classifies sent messages as abuse, you should use SKEDit sparingly. Otherwise, your WhatsApp account may be blocked permanently. Therefore, it is better not to send the same message to multiple contacts at once and leave a break of few minutes between pre-programmed messages. Sending the same new year greetings to 30 contacts at 00:00 is definitely not a good idea.

One of the best WhatsApp schedulers to schedule messages SKEDit,

The video and photo gallery below shows you how you can pre-compose WhatsApp messages and send them at a certain time.

Do you sometimes get WhatsApp voice messages that you would have received as text? With our trick for those who hate voice messages, you can automatically converted to text,


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