WhatsApp will allow you to react to messages in conversation

WhatsApp will allow you to react to messages in conversation

It has been possible for major messaging applications to react to a sent message for years. WhatsApp, which doesn’t allow this yet, is therefore an exception at this stage, but that’s about to change. A sign that the app is on its way to adopting message responses in its conversations.

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Long after its competitors, WhatsApp apparently wants to respond to messages on its service // Source: Jeremy Zero

Messages responses seem to be implemented in our conversations WhatsApp. At least that’s what an automated message seen by the blog suggests. WAbetainfo. The latter suggests updating the application to see the response sent by a correspondent. As a reminder, it is very easy to attach an emoji to a message received on a messaging application. A function offered over the years on most of WhatsApp’s competing services, including Instagram, Twitter, Signal, Slack or Messenger.

For now, WhatsApp only allows users to quote a message and then send an emoji immediately afterwards as a response, but the technology lacks flexibility. Allowing responses to be added to Direct Messages (possibly through continuous clicks on them) will allow WhatsApp to improve its experience in conversations while still holding onto the competition.

The reaction of the message seems to be coming on WhatsApp… but when?

According to WAbetainfo, this novelty may be coming to WhatsApp via an upcoming update for beta testers, but XDA Developers, for its part, noted that the feature is still in its early stages of development. Under these conditions it is difficult to know when it can be deployed on a large scale among all messaging users. Logically it won’t for now. It is also not clear what exact form it will take in the talks.

Source: wabteinfo

Source: wabteinfo

Note that this is not the first time that WhatsApp is looking to add a feature to its service that is widespread among its competitors. Recently, the forum For example posted the possibility of sending momentary photos and videos. A function that has long been used on Snapchat or even Instagram.

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