WhatsApp will soon stop working on millions of Android phones and iPhones in just 2 weeks – Tech News

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WhatsApp will soon stop working on millions of old smartphones forever. Yes you heard it right. In fact, the November deadline is fast approaching, which will permanently lock down the chat app on some iPhones and some Android devices. Notably, the affected users will either have to update their software or buy a new phone.

It is possible that your handset is too old to update, so you will need to buy a new one. According to the report, over 40 different smartphone models are expected to be affected.

Deadline and software version details
The update deadline is November 1, after which WhatsApp will stop working on some phones. In such a situation, Android users should note that you will have to run on Android 4.1 or latest version and iPhone will have to use iOS 10 or later.

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Too many phones will be useless
In the case of Android, it is being said that many popular phones including Samsung Galaxy S3 and Huawei Ascend Mate will lose access to WhatsApp. In the case of Apple, it is being said that the iPhone 4 or earlier version will lose access to WhatsApp. If you have never updated your iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone SE (2016), you will lose access until you update. This is because they have been launched on iOS 9. However, you can update all three models to the latest version iOS 15 and access WhatsApp.

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Google also stopped support for old phones
Tech companies regularly stop supporting older devices. Google did the same with older Android phones for Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps. Sometimes it is because it is not easy to get apps working on very old versions of iOS or Android. This is especially so when only a small percentage of users are running these earlier versions of the software. Using outdated software can also be a major security risk – so it’s imperative that you update or upgrade immediately.


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