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WhatsApp’s new feature corrects your mistakes

WhatsApp's new feature corrects your mistakes
Deleted items in WhatsApp can be recovered quickly. (image source: giga)

A while back, WhatsApp got a new function that allows you to delete messages that have already been sent. But what if you suddenly change your mind? Well, you can’t undo that mistake – at least not now. But it will change.

WhatsApp: Recover Deleted Messages

While WhatsApp is working on the possibility Edit messages that have already been sent, There is again a very positive news to report. angel gets louder WABetaInfo i.e. get a function soon, Which you can use to recover deleted messages, As soon as you delete a message, a message will appear at the bottom of Messenger where you can click “Undo”. So if you make a mistake and you deleted the wrong message, you can get it back like this.

WhatsApp works in non-public test Realistically recover deleted messages seconds after they are deleted, If you deleted a message a long time ago, you cannot restore it to its current state. Since the new function is currently under development, it may of course change even before the final release.

New feature to recover deleted messages will work cross platform, However, for example, you will not be able to delete a message in WhatsApp Web and then restore it to your cell phone. As per the current state of knowledge, it will only work on the same device in a matter of seconds. Compared to a browser window in Chrome that you have closed and restored a few seconds can. So you can imagine the function of WhatsApp.

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Best alternative to WhatsApp:

When will the new feature of WhatsApp be released?

The new feature of WhatsApp is currently being developed. It is not yet known when it will be released. This may take weeks or months. We will notify you when you can use the function.


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