WhatsApp’s Shining Feature Live This Year!

WhatsApp's Shining Feature Live This Year!

Internet Desk: There are a lot of messaging apps around the world. The craze of WhatsApp is different. Since its route is different.. It brings new features for the users like other messaging apps. Also this year (2021) has introduced many new features for the users. You already know about those features. Some of them are very popular features. News is once again for you..


On four phones at once: Earlier it was only possible to log in to WhatsApp Web as well as WhatsApp Web. If we need something to log in to another device we need to log out of the device that was already logged in. As an alternative to this, WhatsApp has come up with a multi-device feature. With this feature, WhatsApp can be logged into four devices simultaneously. After that it works even if there is no internet in the primary mobile. WhatsApp will automatically log out if four devices are not connected to the primary device for 14 consecutive days. Currently, this beta version is only available for Android and iOS users.

Don’t miss it..: Venkatesh and Priyanka are government employees. Live in different areas. Talking via videocall. Sometimes Priyanka… with her in-laws and brothers-in-law makes group video calls to Venkatesh. Then he would not be working on anything and not attending calls. After that it was not possible to attend the call. WhatsApp has come up with a solution to this problem this year. Choose Now.. Even if you miss a group call while at work, with the ‘Join the missed group call’ feature.. we can join before that group call is completed. This is very useful to not miss group call.

Itte Mayamaipote: Meanwhile, anyone who wants to talk is on WhatsApp. Needless to say the originals were lovers. Chatting for hours on WhatsApp. Arguments also take place. Result is not talking for few days. Then as usual. But sometimes the old messages get too conflicting with the bride and groom. WhatsApp Disappearing Mode is the auspicious card for these struggles. All messages will be automatically deleted within 24 hours, 7 days and 90 days. Will be removed based on the option chosen by us. No one has those messages. Not only the sender.. but also the people to whom the message or media files were sent will disappear. Now we don’t need to delete chat history manually.

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Money can be sent to: If you have a couple fingers, would you give it to me? Your friend sent a message on WhatsApp. Seeing which you send money by opening apps like Google Pay and PhonePay. But WhatsApp has made that task even easier for you this year. WhatsApp has brought the facility of sending money directly. Same UPI transfer. It works like Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay. Pay via WhatsApp to anyone (whatsapp paymentAll you have to do is go to the respective chat and click on the rupee (₹) symbol next to the message box. After that enter the desired amount and press send. You can also scan QR code and do money transfer using WhatsApp camera. However, for this you will first have to register any bank account in your WhatsApp UPI account.

WhatsApp Dark Mode: Before the introduction of this feature, it would have been a bit difficult to chat on WhatsApp for a long time the night before. The battery was also high due to the display white background. WhatsApp is also available on other messaging platforms Makes the Dark Mode feature available to the users. This dark mode feature prevents the battery from draining quickly without irritating the eyes. If you go to the settings and select Dark as the theme option in the chat, WhatsApp dark mode will be activated.

Four to eight…: The circle of friends is high for everyone during this period. However, during the college days, all the friends used to go to the bathroom together near the tea shop after class. After that some of them got jobs and settled in every village. With the current technology, everyone is talking about group calling. Of these, WhatsApp is the most used. But here is a problem. It was not possible to talk to more than four people at a time. This has prompted many people to turn to other platforms. WhatsApp has increased the number of members participating in group calling to eight. It allows users to talk to up to 8 groups (audio or video) at a time. However, one cannot record group calls on WhatsApp.

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Storage Management: Many people are hesitant about mobile storage management. For such people, WhatsApp has made some changes in the ‘Storage Management Tool’ and has brought the latest update. It shows photos, videos and other files over 5MB in size in the front row. You can adjust the memory by removing unnecessary ones. Or you can select each contact and delete any unwanted media files in it.

WhatsApp Advanced Search: From day to day work to office work.. If in any case the stature was carried forward, it would have got better recognition. Keeping this in mind, WhatsApp has introduced advanced search feature to compete with other messaging apps. With this we are from WhatsApp chat page Easily find desired photos, videos, PDF files. This search option only works by filtering related files by category. If you want to see photos.. If you select that category and search with text, then photos will be placed in front of us accordingly. As well as from video, web link, gif, audio, document.

to keep track: Shyam shared funny pictures with his friend. They went back and forth a bit.. Friends went viral in the college group. Shyam and his friends started teasing him about this. If he had deleted the same photo on seeing his friend, then there would not have been such a ruckus. Keeping this in mind, WhatsApp has come up with a new feature. Same with ‘watch once’. It is also known as self-destructive media feature. Media files you send will be deleted as soon as the other person sees them. Based on this feature, you will not be able to share your photos or videos with others and save them in the gallery. It is possible to take screenshots.

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Safe from strangers..: Some people we don’t know, who never chatted with us on WhatsApp.. are tracking our lost seen, online status. This is a violation of our personal privacy. Whatsapp mother who understands this situationOnline Status brings new privacy update to make visible features invisible to strangers. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. These changes are made possible by the fact that some third-party apps may be able to collect information from WhatsApp to view lost scenes and online status. If they have never chatted with a WhatsApp account then they will no longer be able to see our online status. It is as if our information has been leaked to strangers.

The solution to the problem is as follows: There is only one problem that bothers everyone while buying a new phone. Transfer contacts, chats, photos, videos and other files from old phone to new phone. Contacts means.. we will send by mail. Photos and videos can be sent via a data cable or from other sharing apps. What about WhatsApp chat? Both the phones run on Android OS but there is no problem. But one is Android and the other is iOS. WhatsApp checked for this problem. Brings up import chat history. With this, users can easily transfer chat data from iPhone to Android and Android to iPhone. This feature is currently available only for a limited number of users. Coming soon for all users.


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