When and how is the best way to see a Draconid meteor shower tonight?

When and how is the best way to see a Draconid meteor shower tonight?

The Draconid Meteor Shower is an annual spectacle and one of two meteor showers that illuminated our skies in October.

Sometimes known as Giacobinids, the expected peak night with evening falls is tonight.

Unlike many meteor showers that light up the sky late into the night, the best time to see Draconids is in the early hours of the evening.

It’s a sleeper shower – barely providing more than five meteors in an hour.

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But nine years ago, some European observers saw 600 meteors per hour.

The Draconids started on Tuesday night and will continue through Saturday પરંતુ but tonight it is expected to peak.

The key is to start watching at night – to avoid light pollution from cities and towns, ideally from the dark, open country sky.

The Stargazers will take care of the meteors tonight

What aAgain tHe Draconids?

Draconids got its name because of the meteor shower that originates from the constellation Draco.

Like other meteor showers, draconids are caused by exposure to debris rock and dust from a debris comet into the Earth’s atmosphere.

As the Earth passes through the tail of a comet, some rocks and dust burn in our atmosphere, causing meteor showers to shoot.

Why do they happen?

According to Earthsky.org, The annual meteor shower occurs when Earth crosses the orbit of comet 21p / Giacobini-Zinner in its orbit.

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The debris left behind by this comet will collide with the Earth’s atmosphere to burn as Drake on Nid meteors.

The comet’s orbit is about 6.6 years.

It is about six times farther away from the Sun at its farthest point than its nearest location.

On rare occasions – when the peaks of the fountain coincide with the perihelion of a comet – the fountain is known to rain hundreds or even thousands of meteors in an hour.

Where is the best place to see them?

Draconids are best seen as far north as possible – so parts of Scotland, Canada and northern Russia are sometimes cited as the best places. They can be seen in North America, Europe and Asia.

The best thing to do is to rid yourself of as much light pollution as possible.

You will not need any expert equipment to see the meteor shower. Although the fountain comes from a specific constellation in the sky, it should be visible in all parts of the sky.

Maybe invest in a sleeping back or armchair so you can sleep back and comfortably see the sky. Remember to wrap warm.


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