When will it be too hot for the internet?

When will it be too hot for the internet?

In mid-July Britain saw a century heat wave, where the temperature crossed 40 °C for the first time. Heat affected not only people and animals, but technology as well. from multiple data centers, such as google or oraclecould no longer be sufficiently cooled and had to continue operating at least partially set,

Investing in Data Center Cooling

enterprise interrelationship (as will Mutual action pronunciation) operates 290 data centers worldwide, 2 of which are in Vienna-Floridsdorf. With approximately 14,000 square meters of net data center space, it is the largest in the country, and as part of Internet Exchange VIX (Vienna Internet Exchange) also one of the most important. A heat-related failure would be a minor disaster. But how likely is that?

martin madlow Austrian manages the location and was significantly involved in the expansion of the Vienna data centres. In an interview with FutureZone, he reassured: “A lot of money is being invested in cooling. Get regular chiller exchanged. Not only do they cool better, they are also more energy-efficient than their predecessors. ,

Notable effects of global warming

Nevertheless, one notices the effects of Global warming, “20 years ago, cooling capacity was still limited to maximum outdoor temperatures 35 degree group. Our refrigeration systems are out today 45 degree excluded,” he reveals. The overheated data centers in London were probably not prepared for 40 degrees, Madlow estimates.

Data centers are unreliable at this energy hunger, because the servers get hot during operation and they have to cool down accordingly. In Vienna’s place you ask customers 25 MW For server services only. This would be enough to supply electricity to about 50,000 homes. The power requirements of the two data centers for the power grid are even higher with cooling.

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What happens in case of power failure?

But even when there is a power outage in the area, the lights on the Interaxion keep on. in the case of one Darkness – Whether it is because of the heat or not – you are well prepared. “The fuel for our emergency power generator is enough for several days,” Madlow assured.

wasted heat Data center waste doesn’t happen in Floridsdorf. By 2023, 70 percent Heating Requirements of the Floridasdorf Clinic Wastes are covered with heat from the data center, which is about 100 meters away (Futurezone has reported,

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