Which platforms plug vulnerabilities the fastest

Which platforms plug vulnerabilities the fastest

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Google Cyber ​​Security Division Project Zero have seenhow fast Vulnerabilities have been patched For which a warning has already been issued. There has been a generally positive development. How zdnet reportIs average timein which software vendors fix bugs, 52 days at present, Three years ago it was 80 days.

open source is the fastest

There are clear differences between operating systems. Oracle requires an average of 109 days to fix bugs and it ranks last with this value. Microsoft has 83 days, Apple 69, Mozilla 46, Google 44 days. The fastest way to find vulnerabilities Linux Closed by open source programmers. You currently only need the average 25 days, Three years ago the average in 2019 was 32 days.

Chrome ahead of browsers

When it comes to mobile operating systems iosandroid Small. Bugs in an Apple product are removed in an average of 70 days, with Android it is 72 days. Feather browsers Chrome is ahead. Here the bug fix time is 30 days. The Firefox vulnerability is closed after an average of 37 days. With WebKit, Safari has a base of 72 days.

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