Whoa: “Why do you hate us?”


Just imagine, an annoying bug is found in WoW, it is reported and two days later there is nothing else to see. That’s what anyone would want. Instead, players have been battling missing bombs and textures in Holondras for weeks, and hunters have been dragging bosses for at least a long time while doing nothing. But alas, a “bug” brings players some joy, then developers like Usain Bolt sprint to their workstations and roll out a hotfix to live servers so quickly you’d think Azeroth’s future depended on it .

This is the second time this has happened in a week. First there was the ability to field-effect directly on the enemy, and then players found that a new console command introduced in patch 9.2. Most players saw the fix for the upcoming field effects and accepted it. After all, he had a massive impact on PvP in WoW. But only a few were enthusiastic about it.


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