Why today is important for Cardano (ADA)

Why today is important for Cardano (ADA)

today is the day! 2021 Cardano Summit, an event where the team behind the ADA token will announce major partnerships. Last week, Sidney Vollmer, Head of Brands & Coms at the Cardano Foundation, shared this tweet:

big interest

if we have Affiliate Website Trust me, the 2021 Cardano summit will be their biggest ever. The summit will include a mix of online and physical events around the world.

The party will begin just before 5 p.m. Dutch time, with a keynote presentation by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson. The rest of the program will consist of presentations, panel discussions and interviews.

Around 3,500 Cardano fans worldwide can enjoy the simultaneous event in Berlin, Cape Town, London, Miami, New York and Wyoming.

But you can also watch the event up close, For example in Amsterdam. 150 interested parties have registered there. Unfortunately, the maximum number of 150 participants has already been reached.

What can you expect?

Apart from Sidney Vollmer’s cryptic tweet, little is known. However, there are some new projects that will soon be launched on the Cardano network. It is only unknown whether Vollmer mentions this.

For example, Liquid Finance will provide a platform for decentralized lending and lending through Cardano. Also, SundaeSwap will be launched soon. It is a decentralized crypto exchange that uses the Cardano blockchain.

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Rumors on Reddit say that both projects Will be launched sometime in October. We are curious!

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