Windows 10 is used by 1.3 billion computers, but the latest version is less than half

Windows 10 is used by 1.3 billion computers, but the latest version is less than half

The day Windows 10 was released, the American software giant aimed to run the system on one billion computers. This milestone was surpassed a year ago and as can be seen from the current figures, the share of establishments has been steadily increasing. Last year alone 300 million active installations were added.

However, Windows 10 experienced its biggest boom in mid-2015, almost immediately after it started selling. Microsoft offered this as a free update to owners of older versions of the operating system, but only for 12 months. The possibility of a free infection was therefore eliminated in mid-2016.

Of course, this negatively affected the interests of the people. Soon after the start of sales, several million users switched to tens. In early 2016, thanks to a free update, 800 to 900 thousand users per day installed this operating system. However, after the end of the free update, the number of new installations dropped significantly.

It should also be emphasized that dozens have changed dramatically over the past six years as Microsoft regularly improves them each year and adds new features and skills. The currently offered version can do a lot more than any previous one.

And other data related to it is fetched by the AdDuplex server. It is clear from them that the latest version currently has a minority of users (40%). On the other 40% of sets, we can find the penultimate version of Windows from last spring, with the remaining 20% ​​also older versions of dozens of runs on machines.


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