Windows 10 OS only till 2025; The computer no longer has the new OS.

  Windows 10 OS only till 2025;  The computer no longer has the new OS.

LessThis paper has been in discussion for the past few days as the most used computer operating system (OS) in Microsoft Windows. This news comes ahead of an event to be held on June 24. Six years ago, Microsoft announced that it would no longer have a Windows version. presented by. But now the company is preparing to introduce a new version of Windows again. That being said it will be Windows 11.

While news and rumors are active about the new version of Windows, another news is being discussed. It is reported that Microsoft will end technical support for the current version of Windows 10 in 2025 with the release of this new version of Windows.

Company’s EOL The website reports based on the information provided on the Extreme Tech (End of Life) page. It said that Windows 10 Home and Pro editions will end the service on October 14, 2025.

The practice of discarding older versions when newer versions are introduced is a long-standing practice. A new Windows OS called Windows 11 or something. This is a sign that the company is going to release. The document also states that in 2015, the company decided that Windows 10 was not a long-term program.

Although Microsoft hasn’t said anything publicly about Windows 11 yet, the new OS the company has indirectly confirmed is coming.

Content Highlights: Microsoft will drop support for Windows 10 by 2025


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