Windows 11 finally gets a new media player

Windows 11 finally gets a new media player

Microsoft has finally unveiled a radically new media player application for Windows 11. Media Player can already be tested by members of the Windows Insider Program in the Dev Channel.

The redesigned media player application supports both audio and video, and the design matches the interface and look of Windows 11.

Windows 11 finally gets a new media player

Dave Grochockey, one of Microsoft’s top Windows development executives, explained:

At the core of the media player is a fully featured music library that lets you quickly browse, play, and create and manage playlists. ,

He also noted that the new media player will replace the Groove Music app. In addition, Windows 11 still contains the obsolete Windows Media Player application. Microsoft clarified that this legacy application will continue to be available in Windows Tools. However, it looks like the new Media Player for Windows 11 will soon become the main way to watch videos and listen to music on the operating system.

Windows 11 finally gets a new media player

In the new Media Player application, while playing music, you can view album art or artist images in both full-screen mode and mini-player mode. Media Player also supports video playback, which is currently provided in Windows 10 and Windows 11, using separate Movie and TV apps.

The company is yet to announce a date when all Windows 11 users will receive the new Media Player application in a stable form.

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