Windows users should update: Microsoft is closing the security gap for years

Windows users should update: Microsoft is closing the security gap for years

In the past, Microsoft Defender’s bad reputation was also responsible for the success of paid antivirus programs. A reputation that does the security program an injustice, as a test by the Stiftung Warrentest from 2021 proves. However, a dangerous vulnerability remained – and has been for at least eight years. Now Microsoft seems to have embraced it and has finalized its virus protection.

As online portal BleepingComputer reports, several security experts are currently announcing that Microsoft has adjusted the assignment of rights to choose storage locations that are excluded from security scans. The vulnerability, which doesn’t seem particularly significant at first glance, enables cybercriminals to install malware in places that Microsoft Defender ignores. It makes fun of most of the protection that Windows Antivirus provides.

Vulnerability in Windows Defender: Microsoft has yet to comment on the update

Basically, locations that are excluded from Microsoft Defender security scans are required for programs that are classified as threats because of their properties, but in reality they are not. Administrator rights are now required to access the list of storage locations. This increases the security of computers on which Windows 10 is heavily installed. Windows 11, on the other hand, was secure from the start.

Since Microsoft has yet to comment on the update, it is still unclear how specifically the rights adjustment will be done. Comments from security experts indicate that the update will be done through regular Defender updates. However, to be on the safe side, it is advisable to trigger Windows Update from February 2022 as well.

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