These days windtray is starting to promote its new offering in technology FWA, dedicated to municipalities that did not reach fiber, invited themselves in this matter Already Mobile Network Clients to activate super internet home, Contains Unlimited Navigation in 4G Fino A 300 Mbps Included with an indoor modem.

As already guessed by MondoMobileWeb, the operator has made its first launch since 21 June 2021 Offer with FWA connectivity (fixed wireless access) Dedicated to Private Clients, well said super internet casa easy payment, That Eolo. than business solutions in partnership with In this case it exploits 4G. GET MOBILE WINDTRE IN.

Beginning From 6th July 2021 WINDTRE has specifically decided to promote Super Internet Casa by launching a SMS campaign addressed to some Already Mobile Network Clients present in Municipalities where Windtray’s FWA proposal can be activated.

Windtray’s FWA Offer Can Actually Be Subscribed To Fiber did not reach only in municipalities, in the list selected point of sale which are located in areas where the offer is available, Just like with the Cube XL Unlimited offer.

Windtray SMS Campaign SMS for FWA Offers

here it is text of sms These days already sent to some WINDTRE MOBILE NETWORK customers:

Where fiber can’t reach, WINDTRE gives you more! Super Internet Home: Unlimited gigabytes and up to 300 MB of speed for 19.99 euros per month. €6.99 instead of €49.99 with active offer 24 months activation. Wi-Fi installment period 24 months. SIM costs 10 euros. Come to Windtray stores by 10/07. . Check out information, offers, costs and privacy on

As indicated in the message, it will be possible to visit the WINDTRE store to activate the offer by 10 July 2021, even if the FWA offer remains subscribable until 25 July 2021 under the current circumstances subject to any changes.

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is in sms Dedicated page on the official website of the operator, where it is possible Check Coverage In your municipality: if this is one of them where the offer can be activated WINDTRE LIST OF POINTS OF SALE WHERE TO SUBSCRIBE SUPER INTERNET CASA, otherwise the operator invites you to activate the data only mobile offer from the currently available mobile offer.

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How Super Internet Casa Easy Pay Works

windtray super internet home includes in detail Unlimited Internet surfing in 4G up to 300 Mbps in download and 50 Mbps in upload And this indoor modem Nominated Super Internet Wi-Fi, that all Discounted cost of 19.99 Euro per month (instead of 24.99 euros per month) is charged through automatic payment method easy Pay.

a Activation fee of 49.99 Euro. However, the customer may decide to pay Initial activation cost of €6.99 if offer is active for 24 months. In this case, the difference of EUR 1.80 paid in 24 installments of EUR 43 per month will be charged with a debit of the missing installments, only in case of early withdrawal before 24 months.

Activation fee should also be added to The cost of the sim is 10 euros. is proposed Usable only and exclusively in municipalities that are clearly indicated by windtray.

for modem fwa Nominated Super Internet Wi-Fi, which is actually the router Huawei B628-265 4G+, It was expected Purchase in installments using the method “Telephone Too” WINDTRE KEY, WITH A PERIOD 24 months without additional monthly costs but with a cost of advance Equal to 49.99 euro with charge bank account, of 29.99 euros by credit card, or by 0 euro with funding and installment period of 24 months.

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With WINDTRE always a . also happens € 4.99 . Activation fee for new installment payment equal to Only one.

for what concern Unlimited data traffic, WINDTRE specifies that, as provided in the General Agreement Terms, reserves the possible right to suspend the Service, in whole or in part, in the event of improper use or exceeding. “Reasonable Limitations of Use by Customer for Personal Purposes”. The Customer will be notified of any specific communication with prior notice of suspension.

In the case of Prevailing and frequent use of the proposal in various municipalities From anyone interested in a subscription or offer, WINDTRE will notify the customer of changes to the offer, which will pass 100 GHz monthly at the cost of 12,99 euro per month.

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