With stealth capabilities.. Helicopters take off vertically at high speed

With stealth capabilities.. Helicopters take off vertically at high speed

Bell has unveiled its latest design concepts for the next generation of military helicopters using HSVTOL’s high-speed vertical take-off and landing technology, New Atlas reports.

Bell showing models of an advanced concept of high-speed vertical take-off and landing military helicopters developed as part of the implementation of a contract signed in May 2021 for advanced operations for the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). Published the picture. Research in the development of HSVTOL-capable helicopters with the goal of improving speed, range and survivability.

From the only published images and patent documents that Bell has applied for, the helicopters of the future appear to be conceptually similar to the Boeing V-22 Osprey.

fast and quiet

According to Bell, the new design will have the capability to fly at speeds in excess of 740 km/h, take off and land without the need for a conventional runway, and with a total weight of 1,800 to perform specific missions. It can be expanded to 45,000 kg Experts also suggested that the picture from which one can expect innovative design concepts includes stealth capabilities and benefits of being used as a manned or unmanned helicopter.

close partnership

“Bell’s HSVTOL technology is a game-changer for improving helicopter capabilities,” says Bell’s vice president of innovation, Jason Hurst, noting that Bell’s technology investments have “reduced the risk and impact of HSVTOL in an environmentally friendly environment.” The rapid development has allowed.” Drawing on experience from a strong past for digital engineering, technology exploration and close partnerships with (US) Department of Defense and (US Air Force) research laboratories.

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