With this trick you can find your iPhone or Android phone, even if it is closed

With this trick you can find your iPhone or Android phone, even if it is closed

Sometimes we care about ourselves Crime victim Or by a Carelessness we lose Our Cell phone; At that moment we can feel that the world is falling apart, but luckily technology now allows us to track it, even if the thief or whoever found it has blocked it.

It doesn’t matter if you have a team Iphone Or if you have one Android operating system, Both options have a system that allows Track your location Although it is closed; Then we will tell you how you can find where you are Lost / stolen phone And what you should do to block it after finding it.


1. Enter the site Find my iphone In iCloud.com

2. Login with yourself Apple account

3. When you open the map in the center, at the top of the screen, the option Machinery, Select your iPhone (although it also works with everyone Apple products Which you have linked)

4. Site shed last location Even if your phone is off; If it is on, give the current location; If it is not, give it before turning it off and throw it away when it is restarted. Current Location

5. If you feel that the instrument is close, you can play the option Play Sound


1. You must enter the site Find my device

2. The page will ask you to log in Matches What do you have on the lost phone

3. A map will appear to track Device location, However, Works when Phone is on; If closed, only the last location will be visible

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4. You can also enable the option play sound, And if the team is close Ring for 5 minutesEven if it’s quiet

How to block a lost phone?

In the case of the iPhone, search in the same site is an option in My iPhone that says lost Mode; On asking for a contact number to activate it; If someone finds your phone, a message will ask you to contact them.

In Android phones, Find My Device site has two options, suspend the device by entering one Blocking method And leaving a message for whoever finds it; Or resetting it again, only in this last option it will no longer be traceable.

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