“Wonderful” Solar. Rather “Nord Stream 2 instead of air.” Headwinds for Nordex, boom for SMA Solar

The solar boom outweighs everything. But there are also big plans and optimistic statements from politicians for the wind sector. Does the knot break?

Green Beva is not only the largest supplier of solar modules and inverters in Europe, but is also active in the construction of wind and solar power plants worldwide. Of Shareholder Hot Stock Report Spoke to CEO Andreas Helber and asked him. After the boom in solar systems in Germany, is it now running on wind power as well?

“miles away”

The answer is grim: “Not clear. I don’t expect the pace to accelerate. The approval process is so complex and lengthy that we are focusing on other countries. Only four individual wind turbines were installed in Bavaria in 2021. Behavior.” In the U.S., we are still miles away from a true energy transition.”


opportunity abroad

BayWa’s hands are still full. It owns 20 GW of solar and wind pipelines. But less in Germany, but mainly in Northern Europe, Spain, Greece, Australia, America and Asia. “We’re also working on offshore wind in Scotland and Scandinavia. But I’m optimistic for Germany, but North Stream 2 will be online before Germany starts the radical change here with the wind,” said Helber in the team call. Will go.”

Floating Solar: “Amazing”

There is a lot of talk about the energy transition, but the laws of distance and nature conservation will continue to prevent it. A practical example: “We have a successful company in the Netherlands that makes floating solar systems. It’s a wonderful, highly engaging topic.” And in Germany? “Here you have to stay 40 meters away from the shore and use solar panels only on maximum 15 percent water. However, this eliminates 90 percent of the potential terrain. Unfortunately, we turn it off again.”

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In the current issue of AKTIONÄR TV, the BayWa Board of Management also comments on the German solar boom:

SMA Solar, Tesla, Enphase, SolarEdge

Summer Campaign: Test Green Depot 2030

The full BayWa interview appeared Friday on the AKTIONÄR Hot Stock Report. Here, Enphase has gained more than 4,500 percent since it was first recommended in 2019. In addition, SolarEdge, SMA Solar and JinkoSolar are three other solar stocks in Green Depot 2030, listed with more than 220 percent.

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